This school is designed to help you build passive income streams through real estate investing. You will learn how to get started in the short-term rental Airbnb business without having to purchase any property.

You will learn the steps it will take to obtain a corporate. You will receive tools, scripts, and information on what to look for in order to start your short-term rental business.

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I attended Williams & Garrett Real Estate Investing Virtual Masterclass and I never attended a class like this before. This lady literally poured her soul into the class with real action steps and no fluff. This was a phenomenal class. It was well worth the time and money spent.

- Dr. Nicole Thomas

🗣 The wait is over!! Me and my sister Domo Taylor started our real estate business last year in August and after so many months of dedication and perseverance we finally acquired our first properties for AirBnB!!!🏡 We got approved for not 1 but 2 located in Houston, TX!!! I’m super excited 😬 to start this journey! And I couldn’t have done it without my Priscilla Q Williams for her knowledge and AirBnB 101 class. Please sign up for her class! You won’t regret it!! Thank you sooo much for all your help! Now it’s time to get this money!! Look out for Prime Divine Estates LLC near you!! 🤑🙌🏽💃🏽 #blackgirlsinrealestate #ItsGoTime

-Mary Taylor

Hi, I’m Priscilla Williams

I am your instructor for the course. My husband, children and I are real estate investors and currently run six short-term rentals / Airbnb rental properties. We started our business in the middle of a global pandemic and was able to scale, making money while we sleep. I believe building passive income streams is one of the keys to gaining financial freedom.

I am also a global nurse educator, an international speaker, best selling author, and podcaster. Our mission at Williams & Garrett is to help you build passive income through real estate investing.